Facade Study

  • Year : 2012
  • Skills : concept design, functional design, AutoCAD drafting, 3D modelling, V-Ray rendering

The residential tower facade study aims at developing a new streamlining style for the residence programme, which can be very restrictive. In this case each floormutates a bit as the shape goes up. The shape starts as the buildings normal footprint and ends up as blob-ed version of that footprint, thus giving the whole building an organic feel.

Also, these towers will be used in large numbers in the same residential complex, so, in order to be able to differentiate them and to provide an easy way of identification within the are, each balcony’s ceiling will be painted. Not only each building will have it’s own individuality, but it will bring color down to the pedestrian level.

Technical data:

Levels: 13;
Level height: 2.9 m;
Ground floor height: 4.5 m;
Total height: 42.2 m;

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