DianShanHu Complex

  • Year : 2012
  • Skills : urban design, functional design, AutoCAD drafting, 3D modelling, V-Ray rendering

The DianShanHu Complex masterplan project had two main proposals in order to capitalize as much as possible on both the client and the local administration, as well as the areas opportunities.

The area is located by the DianShan lake in the city with the same name close to Changzhou city, a popular getaway place for residents of Shanghai, and is located at the entrance to a loisir area.

The requests were for roughly half of the area to have holiday residence buildings, while the rest will house offices, shops and a hotel.

This proposal tries to magnify the effect of the entrance from the North-East corner, taking the traveler through stream-line streets and perspectives towards the lake. A row of office buildings separate the residential area from the road to the North, while the hotel is responsible for the main image towards the lake.

The residences are organized on man-made islands, thus bringing the lake atmosphere deeper into the area.

Technical data:

Residence height: 15 m;
Residence area: 96360 m2;

Public area height: max. 45 m;
Public area: 142370 m2;

TOTAL: 238730 m2;

@LOA Architects Ltd.