Holiday house in Boteni

  • Client : undisclosed
  • Year : 2014

This holiday house project is an extension of an existing older village house. At the ground floor a new kitchen and bathroom were added, while enlarging the existing living room and bedroom. At the first floor three more bedrooms were added, as well as another bathroom.

The exterior walls were also redone to accommodate new windows and the roof has been elevated. Also in the courtyard the old depositing space has been enlarged.

Both bodies have been modeled to resemble the local architecture which uses arches and visible brick for decoration. The courtyard has been terraced in order to create a space that is easier to use during warm periods for outdoor furniture. In addition to this, the depositing has a built-in grill.

This holiday house is conveniently located in the village of Boteni, close to the mountains, close to trekking areas, roads leading to mountain cabins and to other localities throughout and over the mountains. It is close to Campulung town, Mioveni town and Pitesti city, as well as having a direct route to Brasov to the north.

Technical data:

Plot area: 960 m2;
Ground floor area: 89.70 m2;
First floor area: 89.70 m2;
Height: 6.72 m;