Bamiyan museum in Afghanistan

  • Client : UNESCO|Afghan Gvt.|MOFA
  • Year : 2015

Bamiyan museum competition in Afghanistan, organized by UNESCO, Afghanistan Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea designed with Arch. Alexandru Muntean from Studio Est and Arch. Olivia Monoranu

The project aims to create a system of pavilions in order to better accommodate the different functions it must contain: museum, tea room, multifunctional hall, culture center, etc. Each function will thus have its own courtyard functioning as a separate entity within the bigger complex. All pavilions are connected by a covered corridor and all courtyards are open towards the cliffs above Bamiyan where the large Buddha statues used to stand.

Building materials used aim to maximize the local expertise of building using rammed earth, adobe and simple concrete structures. This will also visually and culturally integrate better the project within the city.