Car service & Retail shop

  • Client : undisclosed
  • Year : 2016

The particularity of this project is the very small plot. The area’s characteristics are these small plots formed historically when the area was still outside the city.

Ground floor has 4 m interior height so that the cars can be lifted properly to be fixed and is mostly covered by the car service and its annexes. There is also a staircase that leads from the street level straight to the shop level. The building is aligned on the property limit towards the two streets it borders and retreated 3 m from the neighbors. The resulting spaces can be used as parkings, depositings and smoking areas.

The service opens up towards the courtyard for light while the shop opens up to the street. The windows are made up from 1 x 3 m glass panels with an exterior polycarbonate sheet for wind protection. The rest of the facade is finished with white corrugated steel sheets.

Technical data:

Plot area: 163 m2
Ground floor area: 85.95 m2
Total built area: 162.25 m2
Total usable area: 143.87 m2
Levels: Ground floor + 1 level
Height: 7.70 m