UNA Competition

  • Client : UNA Bucharest
  • Year : 2008
  • Skills : AutoCAD drafting, concept design

UNA Competition was set up for the extension of the National Arts University in Bucharest, situated in a protected area of the downtown.

The main concept for this project was to create a protective envelope around the monument building inside the site, thus resulting a series of interior open spaces that could be used as public/private buffer but as well as private courtyards by the school. The shape itself is a projected entity that bursts out of the old building to give birth to something new.

The obvious contrast between the old facades and the new building is thought after as a statement of evolution, more important even for its own function where art has to reinvent itslef in order to properly express its own times.

Team: Simina Dron | Ionut Anton | Vladimir Moldovanu | Alexandru Hoffman | Dana Tanase | Daniela Craciunoiu | Kamilla Csegzy | David Stancu