Pantelimon Residence

  • Client : confidential
  • Year : 2015

Designed in collaboration with Arch. Alexandru Muntean from Studio Est

This house is being designed for a middle-aged couple that wished for a house for two with a lot of storage space and an intimate courtyard and terrace. This is why the living room and kitchen are situated to the back of the plot, both connected to a terrace. The terrace is surrounded by an elevated barrier that closes the clear shape of the house but leaves the terrace open to the sky. The main reason for this is so that the neighbors that are quite close cannot directly see into the terrace.

The facades are a composition between normal plaster and wood to create a more relaxed atmosphere. To keep the image clear a simple pitched roof was chosen. Also a lot of attention was given to the plants as they can bring more detail, beauty and intimacy to the project.

Technical data:

Plot area: 450 m2;
Ground built area: 98 m2;
Total built area: 202 m2;
Total usable area: 180 m2;
Levels: Ground + 1 Level;
Height: 9.15 m;