NingBo Masterplan

  • Year : 2011
  • Skills : concept design, functional design, AutoCAD drafting, 3D modelling, V-Ray rendering

The NingBo Masterplan required the organizing of the area for a residential development with some commercial areas on the perimeter. The restrictions were all about the distance between the buildings, the rigid residential South alignment and fire safety regulations for high buildings (80m) that request that one facade (the North vertical circulation preferred) should be continous until the ground floor.

Thus resulted 15 towers set up in such a way that the middle of the area had enough space for a public area/park. Also a commercial/pedestrian street has been inserted to make the are more permeable.

On this project wood/bamboo/formica shades have been used, that let in indirect light, but also are able to open. They were used for windows and balconies alike, thus making possible the usage of whole glass openings. For the North facade, for the verdical circulation normal square windows with different sizes were chosen, making the vertical circulation belnd in a compatible manner with the rest of the facade.

The commercial buildings’ facades are simple to give way to advertising.

Technical data:

Residence height: 40.3 m.
Residence floor area: 362 m2.
Residence area: 60816 m2.

6 x 13 floor buildings.
9 x 10 floor buildings.

Commerce height: 9 m.
Commerce area: 19614 m2.

Green space: 12870 m2.
Water: 510 m2.
Inner street area: 4383 m2.
Pedestrian area: 25554 m2.

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