Museum Study

  • Client : UAUIM Bucharest
  • Year : 2009
  • Skills : concept design, functional design, AutoCAD drafting, 3D modelling

The Museum Study was an studio exercise of building with monument-related restrictions in downtown Bucharest. The site contained a monument-class protected building and the street also had several other important buildings.

The concept was to create a Museum of Bucharest configurating it in a way that would create much-needed green space in that part of the city. So, the whole museum building would wrap itself around a green oasis inner courtayrd bordered by both the museum and the monument building.

The concept was drawn from the ancient roman amphitheater configuration that reversed the nature-surrounding-civilisation reality into civilisation-surrounds-nature man-conquers-nature ideal. This concept was turned into city-surrounds-nature as an irony as people in the city are looking more and more for green spaces as the city itself grows and becomes more intense and the free time of each of us is increasigly city-centered and has less nature-related activities.

The result is a green amfitheater where the arena is a small forest.

The building itself is secondary to this endeavour, providing the much-needed separation between public and private spaces. The exhibition spaces are organised vertically starting from the basement with the prehistoric settelements of the area and then climbing up into the light until the latest developments within the city.