• Year : 2011
  • Skills : facade design, 3D modelling, V-Ray rendering

KaiXuanMen consisted in designing the facades for a two-building complex: one office, one residence, situated on the corner of a crossroads, the two functions having different level heights and the north facade for the residence showing itself onto a big boulevard.

The job was to make the two buildings look like one, not modifying the structure or the functions. Thus a glass courtain-wall, double facade, was chosen that matched both the office building, the north facade of the residence and could also be adjusted for the south facade of the residence, enveloping the balconies. The framework was used to mask the difference of level height. Thus the two building look like one with similar facade composition.

Technical data:

Height: 84.2 m.
Floors: 24 office | 26 residential.
Office floor area: 13584 m2;
Residential floor area: 15128 m2;
Office facade type: double curtain wall + vertical glass shades.
Residence facade type: masonry + glass panels.

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